Bed Bugs

South Dorset Pest Control provide you with effective results for pest control in Weymouth, Dorchester and Dorset including bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not restricted to just beds, they can be found anywhere humans are, they are easily transferred to transport furniture, homes and hotels, by clothing and luggage. Once a bed bug has made its way into your home it can quickly become an infestation due to females laying 1-3 eggs per day. Our friendly and experienced team have plenty of solutions available to rid you of Bed Bugs and the problems they cause.

With plenty of solutions available, our fully qualified team can prevent all your pest problems quickly, allowing you to return to your day-to-day life without the worries of any kind of pest. Whether it is a big or small job, we have the extensive knowledge to meet all your requirements.

What are bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are tiny little insects that feed on blood. They are often colours of a dark yellow or a reddish-brown and attack unprotected skin when they are most active at night. Bed bugs hide in tiny little cracks and crevices within your home and are most likely to be in places of warmth on materials such as wood and fabrics.

Signs you have bed bugs

  • Small Bugs & Tiny White Eggs in Crevices & Joints
  • Bites On Your Skin
  • Black Spots (Dried Faeces)
  • Bed Bug Reddish-Brown Skinned Shell
  • Blood Spots from Squashing a Bug
  • Unpleasant & Musty Scents

Although bites are initially harmless, if they are left untreated it can cause large rashes that start to itch and create blisters over the affected area of skin. When you have infestations, you will need multiple visits to eradicate the bed bugs and their life cycle.

Our service for you

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service for customers, so we provide regular checks to ensure your home does not have this problem again and that all pests in your premises have been completely disposed of, saving you money and hassle of needing further services.

Once we have assessed how big your problem is, our experienced and fully qualified team can recommend the best method to remove your problem with confidence.

We offer a 30-day guarantee once all treatment is complete against bed bugs.

Contact us for bed bug removal in Dorset

We offer price per room treatments for commercial premises like hotels, hostels and B&B’s, please ask us for a quote. If you have a bed bug problem and need pest control, call our friendly team immediately for a completely thorough service. Call us now on 01305 708 519 or 07811 453 722.

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